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Lost Daze Comic Book

Lost Daze Comic Book

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It’s here! The very first issue of LOST DAZE, the inaugural adventure of the IHEARTCOMIX characters you know and love! See Lil Lucifer, Boogie Monster, Death Metal Santa, Anarchy Bunny and more come to life within an absurd landscape!

Told through the eyes of new characters Lincoln and E-l, they find themselves trapped in a fantastical world that blends reality in all forms. With the help of their best friends Herman and Chester, they run into loose cannons like Anarchy Bunny and Lil Lucifer while on the way to secure the key to their return home. Hidden inside the black ice castle of Death Metal Santa and his minions, will they also stop his plan of taking over the land with his death metal music??

The Lost Daze comic book invites you inside the minds of IHC founder Franki Chan, Creative Director Jesus Rivera, and Illustrator Luke McGarry! For the inaugural issue, the trio brings to life a sea of characters many of which, were originally created as mascots for parties thrown by IHEARTCOMIX back in the day.

5.5" x 8.75"
Single issue
20 pages

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